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Subcontracting PPMs for two subcontractors

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Hi all,

We have an issue using subcontracting in SNP.

The demand from the customer is to have two subcontracting options available for a material/locations, and the planning to be split by a quota.

In ECC we have in the material master a prod. version (X001), using a dummy subcontracting work-center.

Also we have two info-records, both having the production version (X001) attached.

In APO 4.1 we have two external procurement relationships (as expected from two PIRs) and two PP/DS PPMs (for both subcontractors).

But both PP/DS PPMs have the same Plan name, they differ only by the source of supply. And as the mode generation combination is created by the PP/DS Plan name, it creates only one, therefore we get only one SNP PPM - using one (the older) of the subcontractors. If a planned order is created in the second one, the order has no source of supply.

What is wrong in our scenario? Is there a way to use two subcontractors at the same time (for the moment the only problem seems to be the missing SNP PPMs)

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Does your vendor's supply more than 1 plant? If so, you should use location type subcontractor vs vendor.

You will need to modify the naming convention for SNP PPM's.

Most of the clients I have been at, modified the naming convention for both PP/DS and SNP PPM's to match a more simplified and logical naming convention.

Ken Snyder