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Strategy 60/63 planning material and STO

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We wish to use strategies 60 and 63 to plan "master" materials in case of variant material classed "C". We built a test which works pretty well with sales orders : the actual sales orders consume the PIR from the planning ("master") material.

The issue is that only 20% of the sales flow is due to sales orders on the production plant side. The other 80% are Stock Transportation Orders (STO) between sales companies and production plant. Unfortunately, in that case, both strategies seem not to work, in other words, the planning material PIRs are not consumed, although the SAP documentation says as prerequisite "any strategy group" (see Cross-Plant Planning | SAP Help Portal).

I didn't find something in OSS notes.

Could somebody tell me if this consumption is feasible, and what are then the parameters to adjust, or if it is definitely impossible to achieve ?

Many thanks in advance.

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