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Steps to configure alerts in SAP EM after certain event happenned

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H! Could you please to explain or give me a guide how to create SMS alert to fixed recipient after "Delay"

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Answers (2)

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Thank You Arun.

I've created alert, and now i it works. Now I'd like message text to look like it:

"Dear Sir or Madam: Your freight order &FO_ID& has been delayed Estimated date/time: Date: &EXP_DELAY_DATE& Time: &EXP_DELAY_TIME& TZone: &EXP_DELAY_TIMEZONE& Kind regards" With number of FO, delay time and etc.

For that I input this text in long/short text in alert category, and add container elements needed. Then also i need to add these container elements in "Assign alert category - Map Event management parameters". And could you please to tell me is it all steps right? Now my alert text is just about there is some delay and that's it, but i need more expanded information about delay.

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Hi Sabina ,

It is similar to the configuration for the email alerts. The following are required :

1. Maintain the Alert Category Details as per the requirement. Short Text for Pager, SMS

2. Create the Activity Function similar to ODT20_TO_DELAY , you can simply use step with activity - ALERT_CREATE & mention the Activity ID Created at Step 1

3. Create an activity ID similar to standard activity ID - ODT20_DELAY_FO/ TRA10_DELAY, mention the communication method as PAG Pager(SMS) Number. via SPRO--EM - Reaction to Event Messages-Define Alert Framework-Define Alert Framework Integration

4. Map the Container Element & EM Attribute IDs.

5. Mention is Rule Set with Activity - CREATE_ALERT Similar to Standard Rule Set

ODT20_TO , Rule - SEND ALERT DELAY with the created Activity ID from Step 3.

6. Your BASIS team also need some configuration to send sms, for EM the above mentioned are the steps.


Arun Yesodharan