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Statistical Forecast disaggregation based on Actuals Qty

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We are executing the Statistical Forecast at Product Family and Customer Region level.

And we want to disaggregate the Statistical Forecast to only those Product-Location-Customer combinations where the Actuals Qty exists in the last 6 months. I tried to use the Disaggregation Expression in Statistical Forecast KF

IBP_RAGGR ("ADJUSTEDACTUALSQTY@MTHPRODLOCCUSTSA", ''SUM'', -6, 6, ''PAST''), but its giving me error "Please correct invalid reference in disaggregation expression."

I'm not sure what is invalid. Could anyone pl provide any insights on how can this requirement be achieved?



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Hello ocmangeshrk

The dissagg expression is not correct and you cannot use AGGR function in dissagg expression. Please use the below approach.Create a new KF (e.g KF1) and mark it as both calculated and stored. The KF1 should be at the same base PL as your stat forecast KF. In this KF use your expression IBP_RAGGR ("ADJUSTEDACTUALSQTY@MTHPRODLOCCUSTSA", ''SUM'', -6, 6, ''PAST'').
Now use KF1 in the dissagg expression for the Statistical Forecast KF like belowIF(ISNULL("KF1"),NULL,"KF1").Let me know if this helps
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Hi Mangesh,

It may happen that disagg. expression doesn't accept the cummulative functions.

Kindly try to collect the data in another KF (test, if it has values) and use that in disagg. expression.


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HI Mangesh Kulkarni,

As far as I understand you cannot nest the rolling aggregations (IBP_RAGGR) or cumulative aggregations(IBP_CAGGR) in other calculations/ disaggregation expressions

Use a copy operator and shift the actuals qty to a new key figure (stored) and use that new key figure in disaggregation expression.

Also, Check the planning levels which should meet your prerequisites of disaggregation expression.

Thanks and Regards,