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small store is supplied from a nearby store

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I have the following case:

a DC supplies a number of stores. A new store of small format is set up and should be supplied from a nearby store. The question is how to set up a replenishment process of the small store. One store may supply a number of small stores.

Currently the stores are supplied from the DC via multi echelon replenishment (SAP Forecasting and replenishment functionality). According to multi echelon an order forecast is created on stores level. Then these order forecasts are aggregated into aggregated order forecast. This aggregated order forecast is used instead of sales forecast on DC level. Basing on aggregated order forecast a DC replenishment is performed. The stores are replenished from the DC via purchase orders DC -> store that are created via F&R functionality on the stores level.

The small stores are to be supplied from a nearby store. On the level of the nearby store order proposals are created. These order proposals should insure sales of the store plus sales of the small stores that are supplied from the store.

Has anybody implemented similar scenario?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.


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