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Shipping to Vendor for repair and return

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Hi, How can we send the material to vendor(Non SAP user) for repair and return.

Currently i am using ZLO(Offline process) which does not show equipment movement in SAP and the status shows the equipment still at my plant whereas i have moved it to vendor for repair. Upon receipt of the physical equipment back to my plant, we are performing stock return process in SAP and bringing the equipment to inventory stock.

I am looking for brief transaction movement or process to move the equipment to vendor in SAP, and later need to receive it in my plant's active stock upon physical receipt from the vendor.

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Couple of questions 

1. Is your Equipment also mapped to Serial Number # ? 

2. Have you explored standard Refurbishment process means -- Order (bring serial to inventory using 262)-->Sub Con PR-- Subcon PO--Transfer Posting 541O (Ship to Vendor) tracking available in MBLB--then receive 101 back to inventory 

point 2 needs split valuation if your org do not have split valuation --you can still explore Subcon process with serial numbers --

Refer for serial in purchasing