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Serial Number Profile

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Dear Experts,

Could you please tell me what is the difference between serial number profile maintained in material master tab Plant data/ stor. 2 and WM execution? On the database i see serial no. profile in tab Plant data/ stor. 2 is saved in MARC and the other one is saved in MARA.

By looking at warehouse product in EWM, i see serial number profile maintained in tab EW execution in ERP is corresponding to serial number profile in tab Storage in EWM, and the other one is in tab Whse Data in EWM. Only when i maintain the serial number profile in tab Plant data/ stor. 2, so user have to enter serial number when doing GR in EWM, only Serial number profile in WM execution does nothing (even if serial number profile has serializing procedures MMSL with SerUsage 03 obligatory).

I have found this blog in forum but still can not figure out what the difference is. My system release is still 1909

Thanks and regards


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Hello Ton,

The Serial Number Profile on Plant data / Stor2 view controls the serial number functionality in S/4 ERP. for example on EWM managed storage locations customer wants to manage stock with serial numbers. To manage a product with serial numbers in EWM managed warehouses, a serial number profile is assigned in WM execution tab which is distributed to EWM.

These is also a harmonized serial number profile which can be used in S/4 HANA and embedded EWM.

see the screenshot below


There are 3 variants for serial number management

1. Serial number management in IM managed storage location

2. Serial number management in EWM managed storage location with independent serial number profiles in S/4 and EWM

3. Serial number management with harmonized serial number profile in case of embedded EWM on S/4 HANA