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Sending FO to carrier and receiving FO from carriers

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We are on on premise Embedded S/4 HANA TM. We need to send Freight order to Carrier. I know we can click on send to carrier on subcontracting tab and this will call enterprise services (Transportation_OUT) ,But how will we have to ensure that it goes to the defined carrier in FO ?

Secondly, for another scenario we want to create Freight order based on information received from carrier in one of the scenarios. Do we need to use enterprise services to create an FO ? If yes, will the carrier sends information in EDI format and then SAP XI will convert it into XML to be read by enterprise services? I mean I need to know how it all works together ?



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Hello Sachin,

Here you can find guide for configuring output in SAP TM:

For various operations with Freight Orders (as well as with other TOR Documents), you can use TransportationOrderGenericRequest_In Web Service. Brief usage information can be found in Note 2722559, also see Note 2474539 for further details.

Best Regards,