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/SAPAPO/SDP94 / SNP - Purchase requisitions

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Hi Experts,

Our guidelines is to set SNP orders (in pink) on wednesday for the weekly butcket.

But on the other hand, our supply team order in daily bucket ( in blue) .

This situation cause unwanted Purchases requisition on tuesday and wednesday ( in yellow) .

The set up of our safety time is at the minimum : 1 day

To avoid the PRs creations, It there a way to trick the system so on tuesday and wednesday the system will require for example only 30% of the needs of wednesday ? Or maybe do you have an other creative idea ?


Thank you,

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Answers (1)

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Dear Sara,

how are the TLB orders created? Automatical TLB schould not put it on Thursday and Friday if the dependent demands sits on Wednesday. If TLB orders are created manually it is either a matter of understanding of the planer to avoid TLB-order creation on Thursday and Friday as it will always cause shortage - or a mattter of setting the period factor at the finihied good to get the dependent demand on Friday as well.

The suggested 30% algorithm will certainly not fit to all cases and will amake the planning result much harder to understand but if you want to go this way BAdI /SAPAPO/SNP_HEU might be used with manipulation on lt_repl.