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Hi colleagues,

We are currently facing an error situation generated by the transfer of information from SCM to Ecc via the CIF interface.

The /SAPAPO/ORDFLDS has been enhanced to transmit custom fields from SCM to ECC.

The content of some fields is however lost sometimes during transfer. The situation is randomly occurring and cannot be reproduced on a consistent basis.

All the coding we checked during debugging sessions could not reveal any potential cause of this behavior.

We have noticed during debug however strange values for some fields, values that were used in previous tests in the same session. This led us to believe that there might be a buffering issue within LiveCache.

Can someone support in this topic?

Thank you in advance!

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The table /SAPAPO/ORDFLDS stores custom order details, that are filled with customer business logic via BAdIs or User-Exits so it is difficult to say anything on field content loss. Which code or processing causing it.

Also your issue is not reproducible on demand, though make a query for table /SAPAPO/ORDFLDS for the field which loss the content = Blank and keep running such query as a job or every 30 mins.

Then try to analysis particular time or process or any other job during that time frame causing /SAPAPO/ORDFLDS data loss as per the outcome from query job.

Best Regards,