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SAP SCM solutions


I am trying to get a better understanding of SAP SCM offerings:

From here:
I assume I can buy stand-alone solutions from IBP: sales and operations, demand response, supply planning, inventory optimalization, control tower

1) Difference between "IBP supply planing" and TM?

2) Difference between "IBP Control tower" and TM?

3) Difference between "IBP Inventory" and EWM?

From the link, I also understand I can purchase standalone TM and EWM, then Ariba stuff (Supply chain collaboration, Strategic sourcing) and Global track and trace:

4) Difference between Global track and trace and TM?

5) Diference between TM and EWM stand-alone solutions vs TM and EWM embedded in S/4 1809?

Then I have a bit older link here:
"SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC), SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SCM Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), SAP EDS and EIS, SCM Forecasting and Replenishment (FRE), SAP Transportation Management (TM) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP)"

6) Difference between Ariba Supply chain Collaboration in the first link and SAP Supply Network Collaboration?

7) So my understnading is, I can also buy SCM landscape with all the apps (SNC,EWM,APO,EDS,EIS,FRE,TM,IBP)? Or I can chose standalone apps SNC,EWM,EDS,EIS,FRE,TM,IBP,APO?

😎 If I focus on APO, then (Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Supply Chain Collaboration), this seems similar, maybe IBP above?

9) APO: Transport management - so this is the same as TM from SAP oficial website above? Or is the TM today still wihtin APO?

10) Difference between SAP SCM APO PP/DS and PP/DS embedded within S/4 (only the FIORI apps Monitor capacity utilization, Produciton shceduling board?). Does the title APO still exist in todays world of S/4 HANA?

11) SCM APO vs. PP/DS vs. IBP? Differences?

I do not expect anyone to answer all of them. I would be very grateful for every single answer which would help me.


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