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SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS02 CAL instance - "server IP address could not be found"

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Hello joerg.wolf,

when calling a dynpro or web dynpro application from the FIORI launchpad of our CAL instance (SAP S/4HANA FPS02 - Fully Activated) I get an error message stating the IP address could not be found (see screenshot).

The host file is mapped correctly, but I think that should not be the root cause anyway since I see the same behavior in the Windows Remote Desktop (screenshot is from RDP).

UI5 apps seem to work fine. E.g. I can display a sales order in the UI5 app but when I switch to the related VA03 app I get the same error message as below.

This is somewhat similar to 1809 CAL instances where a certificate had to be installed to enable the dynpro and web dynpro applications, but

  1. The error message is not the same
  2. The certificate is installed locally on my machine, still I get the error
  3. I did not have this issue with a 2020 FPS01 fully activated instance
  4. All relevant certificates probably installed in RDP --> still the same error

The only "not-standard" feature of this instance which I am aware of is a BTP connection with cloud connector.

Do you have any idea what I need to check/change?



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Hi philippbergthaler

i dont pretend to be joerg.wolf 🙂 , but i bet both of us would love to see the screenshots of your issue


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Hi Arno,

thanks for the hint!
I have now included the screenshot I was referring to. 😉



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Hi Philipp, Amo,

as discussed with Philipp, this issue was caused by a changed RFC destination (tCode SM59 --> http to ABAP --> LOCAL_HTTPS) where the entry was deleted in this specific system (ie. a deliberate configuration change). After re-applying the original entry vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain, the app is reachable again.

As technical background: Fiori apps that are based on WebGUI, Web Dynpro, etc. will need correct entries in the respective RFC destinations.