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SAP replenishment

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Hello people,

I was facing a small problem on SAP and would really appreciate some help. So in my replenishment what is happening is that multiple SKUs are generated for different prices of the same product.

So for example product A was SKU 123, and costs 90

But due to a price hike, price went to 100, and now new SKU of product A is 345

now I have 10 cartons of 123

And 5 of 345

I get an order of 15 cartons for 123

It will release the 10, and will put a production order for the remaining 5. This will be bcuz according to 123 we only have 10 of product A, but actually we have total of 15 product A hence there is no need for production if we check for 123 and 345 SKUs. Now this added check I have to do manually, to make sure useless production is not initiated. How can I use the domain of SAP to find a solution that checks for all possible SKUs of a particular product?

Any help will be appreciated, please lmk thankyou!

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