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SAP IBP Promotions in SAP6

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Hello All,

I am trying to understand the standard process defined in SAP6-Demand for promotion planning (based on what I am seeing in the keyfigures) and trying to co-related with analyze promotions app. Please see if this is the correct understanding and if KFs like location split etc has an real impact in the final calculations.

What I am seeing is that the final value of promotion in "Promotion uplift" KF (calculated) is solely based on PROMOSPLITALL "Promotion Uplift (internal key figure)" - a stored KF which is supposed to get data from other systems for promotion planning (through CI_DS according to the documentations ). This KF has location also in it and is not affected anyways by the location split ratio KF. Is that the right understanding or am I missing something?

So, to integrate promotion planning calculations in the KF (as we see in the "analyze promotions app"), we will need extra customizations - is that right?



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