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SAP IBP Excel Add-in Crashes

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We are starting to use the IBP excel add-in at my company but we are experiencing many crashes when trying to open certain views. We are using:

- 64bit Office version 2202 365 apps for enterprise.
- 64bit Windows 10 OS ver.20h2.

-Dell Latitude i7 with 16gb of RAM

Event viewer is showing the faulting module as vbe7.dll

We have the add-in load behavior in the registry set to "3" but it appears to change to "2" after a crash prompting an add-in reinstall or registry edit.

As a "work around" users have been sending crashing files via email to co-workers who save the file and then send back to original user. Once received the view opens as normal until the new time it crashes or doesn't open.

I've also been able to use the developer tab in excel to debug and recompile some views and make them operational again. These work arounds can be time consuming when having to do them over and over again. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Dylan, did you solve this issue? We are experiencing the same and unfortunately we are not able to fix it.


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Hello Javier,

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