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HI Good Day!, SAP EWM(MFS, PLC fully automated WH) :  I would like to explore about the error message Warehouse task created to access behind bin whereas Front bin already have pallet blocking and  throws error front bin occupied/blocked error. how to validate steps in /SCWM/ADHU before WT task creation to validate front bin details and move front HU some other storage bin process and then WT for behind Pallet to process automatically, our one uses MFS, PLC and fully automated. or else any other solution for this automatic internal transfer clear front bin block.

appreciate your valuable advise and solution, thank you!

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Good day! As per my understanding, it looks like universal features of ASRS... still have questions like "What is ADHU and why did you create in mass and how?" ...etc And hard to comment "WHY" you did this, Sorry. Furthermore  Please have a look at below link

Prima facie need custom code with solution provided by Hendrik with system set up. Telegrams would be back and forth for such activities with PLC as per your system design. Please read carefully.




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Hi Ajit Routray, Great thank you for the information in link which I exactly needed. Let me use that details with BAdi to fix the error and explore the information. /SCWM/ADHU used to create warehouse task by Handling unit. I greatly appreciate your valuable time and advise. Thanks again for the wonderful help and greatest information with swift response. How may I contact you if any help needed regards SAP EWM. Thanks!