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SAP EWM: Outbound delivery with returnable packaging material SMQ2 error

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I have created a scenario in which I have an outbound delivery, in which I am adding a returnable packaging material.

The problem is that when I do a goods issue, queue is getting stuck (SMQ2) with error "Error while determining for WM via table 156S:621 ///L/X/".

Any clue how to solve the issue?

We are using S42021.

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the settings you are looking for can be found in SPRO under MM / Inventory Management ... / Movement types / Copy, Change Movement Types.

If you read the error message "from left to right" the system is missing an entry for 621 - blank - blank - L - X

This corresponds to the following columns of the table:

  • Movement type - 621
  • Value update - blank
  • Quantity update - blank
  • Movement indicator - L
  • Receipt indicator - X

You can see there is no such entry, hence the error.

As you cannot add any entries to that table in SPRO I am quite sure you are trying something that SAP has not intended you to do.

How to stock manage your returnables? Are you keeping them in a MM-managed or WM-managed storage location? My guess is "WM-managed", because only then is makes sense to try to find a WM reference movement type.

Regards Andreas

Remark regarding "classic WM": on the ERP side the EWM integration also uses the WM reference movement type (column "Ref" in table above). This is used to "organise" stock movements which normally do not involve a delivery, i.e. movements posted in MIGO. The MM movement type in MIGO has a WM reference movement type assigned to it (621 in the table above). That reference movement type is then used in the table below to determine a delivery type (DOG for 621). That delivery type is then used to create the delivery which is needed to communicate with EWM.

You can find the settings here:

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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it means you should probably look for someone in your organization with WM knowledge? Because that is classic WM.

The item category which was determined in ERP is connected to a schedule line category. From this one you get the movement type 621.

Then the system goes through the tables to find a reference movement type. Now besides the 621 I would expect an x for value update and an x for quantity update? But not sure about that. I think that L says that it is a goods movement for a delivery note, the X a stock transport order? (is that what you are doing?)

Once the reference movement type is found, the system will also try to find a WM movement type. Which does not do anything, but this is simply how it works.

But yeah, you need someone who can look into your WM tables.




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