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SAP EWM MFS communication - EWM located remote

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Does anyone have experience with EWM MFS where the EWM system is not located on site connecting directly to PLC on site. Is this advisable? Or should EWM system always be located on site.

Is the response time in telegram processing still ok when remote? And what is on average a good response time (how many miliseconds between telegram and handshake from PLC is minimum required?).

Is a fallback scenario foreseen in case connection is lost towards external location?

If anyone has experience with this to share, will be much appreciated.

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In the US with our decentralized EWM server hosted at the data center, our telegrams took between 25 ms and 35 ms round trip for warehouses in various states.

In studies done by SAP the Intra Europe roundtrip telegrams took less than 30 ms.

Hope this helps.


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Dear Cathy,

It is recommended to keep both EWM and PLC servers at the location where the Facility/Warehouse exist .But it is not necessary/compulsion to have it at the same location .It also depends upon the workload which may affect performance.

For me as per my practical experience with MFS and EWM ,if connection is good and network flaws are not there. Performance will be absolutely perfect.

I have not seen any kind of data loss till now .We faced situations where lost network connection for a longer time at that time the processing of cranes and movements stops completely and once network is back it starts running without any failures or data loss

Regarding the backup plan we have Infra team they are getting exact replica of the PROD server with data to some different location and different server. Thanks.

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Hi Mohammed,

That was indeed the question. Because currently our EWM system is located on site but we are thinking about moving it to external location (in different country). We are a little bit worried about response times and perhaps loss of data. But you say this is not really an issue?

The exact replica, does it then also contain copy of data? Because switching over to it sounds somewhat complicated.


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Hello Cathy,

If I understood correctly you mean to say about EWM server whether it should be located to be at the same place where the PLC's are located?

If this is your question ,This is not necessary .It can be located anywhere since it works based on the standard communications which we have established between them .Response time is absolutely perfect even if its remote also.

As a fallback plan we have other DR sites where the exact Replica of EWM server is maintained at a different location.In case of any failures we are switching back on to it.This is extreme disastrous situation.

If in case there is some connection loss between the two there is no issue at all of the data loss since it works based on the queues and when network is up and running those queues will be processed automatically.

Practically I have seen such situations in our warehouse where we have fully automated facility .

Please let me know if this is clear or any other explanation is required from myside.Thanks.