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SAP EWM _ MF60 to be used within one Storage Location

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Hello Experts,

Can we use MF60 for staging the release parts -within one and the same Storage Location.

In our case, the stock is stored in the Storage Location AFS1. The Production Supply Areas that are linked with the control centers are also linked to the same Storage Location - AFS1. Meaning, when we stage materials for Production, the stock remains in the Storage Location AFS1, it just moves from one bin to another. Later, when we backflush, we consume stock from the bin in the PSA (determined by the /SCWM/PSASTAGE transaction).

Now, what we want to achieve is to use MF60 transaction to stage some materials that are marked as 'release parts' in their control cycles- from the main storage area to the PSA - while the stock remains in the same Storage Location (AFS1). Is it achievable? Or MF60 works only if the source and the destination Storage Locations are different?

Thanks in advance for your valuable input.


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Hello all, I just thought I should update it here. I tested in the system, and MF60 works perfectly fine even if we need to stage components within one and the same Storage Locations. What it takes into consideration is the 'available' and 'required' stock per PSA and if a PSA has a stock deficit, it shows up in MF60.

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