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Hi Experts,

I have a issue with CIF, PO queues are getting stuck with the error message "Application log could not be written".

could anyone please guide me on how to debug CIF queue and we have a user exit which has one committ statements, SAP has mentioned this issue is because of the committ statements.

please help me resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance



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Answers (2)

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Hi Kushala,

Kindly check the below answers

1) How to debug CIF?

I hope your queue stuck in APO Inbound (if CFC1 shows inbound). So what you have to do is, in your ECC system, t-code CFC2, create and entry for your user with the parameters Q D R and save it. With this setting, the queues that are transferred by you will be stopped and logged in APO Inbound.

2) How to resolve the issue?

You are right! In most of the cases this error occurs if any user exit/BADI has COMMIT WORK is executed. If this is the case, then this COMMIT WORK causes the end processing of the LUW to be triggered, e.g. the closing of the applictaion log, while this user exit is actually called in the middle of the processing of the LUW. It is not allowed to  program A COMMIT WORK within the LUW processing.


so do not use the commit inside of CIF. It is not recommended to set a commit inside of CIF, because CIF or QRFC will make sure that the commits happen at the right places.

1. Debug the queue and set a breakpoint at function module


1.1. When you reach this function module set a second breakpoint

    at function module /SAPAPO/CIF_GEN_LOG_CLOSE.

1.2 Check the value of GV_GEN_LOG_LEVEL at the beginning of

    function module /SAPAPO/CIF_GEN_LOG_CLOSE (should be 1 in the

    most cases).


You may also refer to note 195157 for more information.

Please delete old logs with RDELALOG in (R/3) and /SAPAPO/RDELLOG in APO. Also run report SBAL_DELETE to delete application log from both systems.

This should resolve your issue



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Hi Kushala,

Check these links

You've to maintain the setting in ECC CFC2 Transaction, You should add the user id with which you're going to debug.

Try exploring SCN and Googling before posting a question, you'll find lotta useful information by which you can find your answer yourself.



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