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Sanity check for shipping documentation

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Dear All

I have question if there is any way that before the shipment happens there is check if all required documentation is done based on destination. Some of the documentation has to happen outside SAP or also manual.

Is there way in TM that based on destination we can check if required documentation is completed?

If it's not something what TM offers what could be other system to integrate with.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Amol,

I would recommend checking the action ready for execution for this purpose. Here a condition can be maintained in Freight Order Type Customizing, as you can see in screenshot below:

With a condition and the corresponding data access definitions you of course have plenty of flexibility to do all kind of checks which conditions for the transport have to be fullfilled, you can check if some status was set, output was created etc. The exact check for your scenario of course you have to validate if you can get that data on your side.