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Sales Order with 2 line items only confirms the 1st, but not the 2nd one

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Hello SAP community;


Please your help on this issue; I create a Sales order with 2 line items; both of them have enough stock; for the first line item; gets confirmation automatically, while for the 2nd item does not.




See ATP Qty. shows only for 1st line Item…




When the order is saved, I perform the availability check for 2nd line item; it shows that the 2nd line Item can be confirmed.

Why it wasn’t confirmed when the item was entered into the sales order Like the first one? If the material has enough stock it needs to be confirmed automatically like the first one since these Sales Doc. Type should create its delivery automatically so all materials that have stock need to be delivered.





I do not see any reason for this to happen since:

  • both materials have enough stock
  • both of them have the same checking group in Material Master
  • Stock is in the Same Plant and SLoc; so the checking ule is the same for both

Thanks in advance!!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you say 'enough stock', not sure, where you checked.  Did you check in co09 ?  Do you see any reserved stock or open delivery for the second material ?

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Thanks for your response;

Sorry, I should have figured this out sooner; the issue was due to Safety stock; the material had an stock that was less than the safety stock, so the aujtomatick check would not take place in this case.


Thanks again1

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