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S4HANA and TM official process to generate a ASN /DELIVERY message to your SOLD2 customer

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Hello everybody

I am interested to know the official SAP way that is effective with S4 and TM together to generate the former ASN like SHPMNT DELIVERY Idocs to customers

I would also need some official short documentation or links or best practices where to study this issue

If TM XML is the future only and Idoc disappears , please provide some setup links /documentation of XML generation process

Thank you !

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Answers (1)

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Hi Bogdan. This is not an 'official statement,' but just my understanding -

The delivery IDocs would remain available but this is not the target design for ASNs going forward. New design involves sending ASNs from the freight unit, consignment order, or freight order object in TM, depending on your scenario, with the TransportationOrderGenericRequest_Out message.

Please check this blog post to understand the new ASN design: SAP® Advanced Shipping & Receiving – Advanced Shipping Notification on Consignment Level

Also, this recent consulting note includes sample mapping of the XML message to DESADV:

3236759- Standard Mapping Proposal for TransportationOrderGenericRequest from/to VDA4987 (UN/EDIFACT: DESADV)