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S4 HANA Priority in PPDS PDS

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Hi experts,

I saw several questions similar to mine but I did not find the solution in any of them, that's why I write my own

For a product I have 3 PPDS PDS, with the transaction /SAPAPO/CURTO_EDIT I assigned them priorities 10, 20 and 30

Then I execute the heuristic SAP_PP_002 and the planned orders are NOT generated with the PDS with priority 10

The source of supply with priority 10 has time available, the minimum lot size is 1, maximum lot size is 99,999,999

Why does the system not generate the planned orders with the PDS with priority 10?

Do I have to use another heuristic?

Do I have to change a master data?

Do I have to modify a configuration?

Best Regards,

Arnulfo Cordero Pradel

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