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Route schedule delivery date skips first available PGI date

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I hope someone may give me an advice on why following thing is happening, here is the example of the problem:

I have a customer with route schedule set, for example with 1 day TT with PGI on Tuesdays (delivery Wednesday) and another PGI on Thursday (delivery Friday).

Material is on stock.

On Friday 24.11 order is placed with requested delivery on Wednesday (in theory it should be fine PGI on 28.11 with delivery 29.11) - for some reason after calculation system sets PGI for the next schedule date - PGI 30.11 with delivery on 01.12.

But if an order is placed for example for Monday 27.11, than system is doing recalculation and sets is for expected date of PGI on 28.11 with delivery on 29.11.

Anyone have an idea why system is pushing delivery to later schedule day even though it should allow one that is requested?

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