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Rounding off key figure values in sap ibp

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I would like to input the value at aggregated level Eg: Override value at Quarterly level for a Product. But, when I looked at the value at monthly level its in fractions even though the key figure decimal set up as 0 and EPM formatting for that key figure set up with rounding value. Kindly suggest, how to over come this issue.



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Hi Sandeep,

Let us say you have a keyfigure KF1 for which base level is PL1. You update the keyfigure at Quaterly level and the data gets disaggregated with decimals despite having decimals as 0 in the KF config.

We know that KF1@PL1 is a stored value with all the decimals due to disagg limitations.

Hence introduce a calculation at KF1 namely KF1@PL1 = ROUND(KF1@PL1) where right hand side input should be maintained as stored for KF1.

Then the next work is at request level. KF1@REQUEST = KF1@PL1 will be the existing calculation. Here just re-direct the input from 'stored' to 'calculated'.

Ultimately, we are trying to round-off the existing value to zero decimals and show that in the planning view.

Let me know if there are any deviations..

Best Regards,