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Roll back standard RF changes

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Hello experts,

We found that one of our internal trainee made changes in standard RF menu screen instead of copying and making modifications in custom screen. Now, we can not get the RF main screen on GUI.

Upon entering - /SCWM/RFUI t-code, system is presenting logon screen (warehouse no., user name and device) and after pressing enter on that screen - system is not presenting next screen or any error message.

We found that sub-node and main menus are messed up in RF Menu screen on SPRO.

Question - how can we bring back the standard menu screen that SAP provides.



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Hi Jaimin, you can maybe copy changes from the production or test system.

You can do it with compare function from the customizing view.

Not sure if it would work for the menu tree, but for steps customising it should work.

In a worst case it can be done directly in tables, or with a small development to copy all records from another system

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Hi Daniil,

I was going to copy the same from test system but just asked the question here to see other possible solutions. but, now I will copy it.

Thanks for your input.