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RFUI with ITS Mobile - warehouse order already being processed by user (their own user)

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User in Warehouse are using Android ITS mobile and sometime when they try to do some picking with RF gun (picking by warehouse order) they have this error message : warehouse order already being processed by user (their own user).

We made several check:

- We check WIFI conection in order to be sure that it was not because of a disconnection that autoblocking happen

- We can see in SM04 that there is several RFUI session open for each user who is currently doing some picking (it seems it's because they open new windows on the gun and doesn't use existing one so each new screen is a new session) -> we are not sure that it's the rootcause because it should not "autoblock" the user as it's hos own user / resource on the WO

- The workaround that we found is to press back buton until the screen of resource log on and then go again in the picking by warehouse order and it's work (it's like there is a refresh in the system and now he his able to connect to the WO)

- In SM21 we have this error message when we have the block : Lock entry deleted manually: /SCWM/WHO E

Action done:

- We extended time before standby of the RF gun / logistic device in order to not lose the connection

- Ask user to use log off buton in the RF gun before each break

- Ask user to close all open windows in the gun often and open new one in order to have the message from SAP which ask to close all open session during connection.

Does someone have already faced this kind of issue, and if yes, how you faced it?

Thanks for your help



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Did you get any good solution for this? We are facing exactly same issue.

Thank you.