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Report to correct faulty SMQ2-entries

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Hi everyone,

i was wondering if a report exists which checks existing SMQ2-entries

and deletes them if they are unnessecary.

The reason i am looking for something like this is that today someone in my

company posted a whole lot of Handling UNIT's with /SCWM/ADGI from EWM

to production and somehow caused the system to get "stuck" with this. All work

process where taken by this action.

To set the work processes free and get the system running again we killed the process of the

user. The end result was that i have hundreds of SMQ2-entries posting stock from EWM to erp

and most of these have already been posted. I found most of them as reference in MB51.

So i assume that these SMQ2-entries shouldn't exist anymore. I could delete them but i am looking

for a way to get rid of these entries without that.

Is there anything i can do besides deleting the ones i am 100% sure were already processed?

Greetings Tobias

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Hello tobias_markus

You can monitor qRFC entries in /SCM/MON:

Refer to the notes:

2225968 - EWM - Solving Issues with RFC Queues in SAP ERP

2244179 - How to Use Queue Editing for qRFC Messages from EWM

In general erroneous qRFC entries must not be deleted as they synchronize processes state between EWM and ERP. If an entry is inadvertently delete from the queue you risk data inconsistency between EWM and ERP. All the issues should be analyzed and resolved.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

Hello Dominik Tylczynski,

thanks for you fast reponse.

I am afraid it's not that easy.

As i mentioned i' ve found out that

most of the queue entries have been posted

in the ERP but still remain in SMQ2.

What would be your suggestion to resolve something

like this?

The only thing i could think of is undoing the posting that has already happened and then let the system do

the posting again. I am not sure if it would work like this. Canceling a warehouse task and the post the same warehouse

task with the queue again also sounds wrong to me.

Greetings Tobias

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Hello tobias_markus

If you are 100% sure that a queue entry has been posted in ERP but still remains in SMQ2, then the correct course of action would be to delete the entry from the SMQ2 queue. However, I don't understand how that can be as the system prevents manual postings in ERP in the integrated scenario.

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As far as i can tell the mass posting, which is stuck,

caused our system to almost stop working. The only

way to get the system running again was to kill that posting

process at some point. I assume that this caused the issue

The postings were done but the SMQ2 entries haven't been

removed by the system yet.

Greetings Tobias

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tobias_markus I understand. Now you should analyze entry by entry, check if the posting is done and if so, delete the entry. Bear in mind that those are just general guidelines based on your information. Without access to your system and detailed assessment it's next to impossible to provide more details. qRFC deletion is always risky.