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Reg:Future in SAP APO

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Hi all (optimizers) ,

I have been working in SAP SD from the last couple of years.Have idea in MM too as part of the SD.

I would like to know , how SAP APO wil be for SD consultants.

i heard to work in APO, PP & Engg Background is required or should work on MM.

izt so?

Cant I work in SAP APO?

izt compulsory that, first I have to do SAP BI the APO?

am bit confused,plz suggest me.

I want to upgrade myself to sap new dimension modules,(other than CRM)

*all suggestion r welcome

*reward points ll be provided .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hai Raj,

Having SD background, it is ideal for you to work with APO-DP.

PP/Engg background or MM are ideal for APO-SNP and APO-PPDS modules.

Also, APO-DP means that you need to be aware of BI and you can always learn both parallely.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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more than any prior experience i suppose you need to have some experience or keen interest for Supply Chain Management

If you have a functional background in the supply chain side and follow concepts in supply chain management (as in any other science) it will help a lot

there are some specialised bodies like the APICS that might put you on the supply chain track

you SD skills would no doubt be useful since you know the way SAP works but frankly is not essential

on the other hand the architecture of SCM (am trying to get away from calling it SAP) is quite different than in R3 that you might have to unlearn a few things

also you need to find which part of APO you would like to focus on. Demand planning, Supply network planning or production planning (am not counting TPVS and GATP) - based on interest, opportunity at work currently and what you percieve as a possible opportunity and also ease of understanding

DP is more popular since you can start off there without leveraging any R3 background... but you should have an overview of all the APO areas to start with

You dont have to do BI for APO though DP has a mini BW workbench that is usually the starting point.

for example check the thread here for a not -so-exhaustive list of a DP areas of knowledge required

does this look like the kind of things that will get ur interest?

or.. you can skip it all and get into SNP or PPDS or GATP....

here is another thread...

there would be a few like this in this forum

I cant say much about other new dimension products but am sure you will soon hear form them as well