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Redetermine WOCR for WT's with custom logic



We would like to determine a specific WOCR for specific scenario.

In fact, we got all of our WOCR's in sequence in determination criterias and we created a whole new process that use Pick & Pass, and so a specific WOCR for pick & pass as recommended.

Now, we would like to assign WT's to this WOCR only if:
We got at least 1 WT in Source AA 1 and 1 WT for Source AA 2 for the same consolidation group.

It could be 2 WT in both or more, but only as a combo for same cons group.

We would like to determine this specific WOCR for pick & pass only if we meet this condition.

If we have 1 WT in Source AA 1 but alone without another WT for same cons group in AA 2 (the combo) = follow other WOCR in sequence as usual.

There is any available BADI to succeed or to investigate to put that logic in place?

Many thanks,


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Thanks, Dominik Tylczynski for your answer.

This article is well explained with details on all the available BADIs.

If we meet certain conditions for our WTs, we will try to put our logic here and fall as a pick-and-pass process in the higher AA.

The thing is, when we don't meet these conditions, we would like to follow the usual picking process in the single AA without having the Higher AA (the joined one) at WO level.

Thanks for the comments.

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Hello kremond01

See the article Enhance SAP EWM Warehouse Order Creation Rule for detailed description of warehouse order creation and available BAdI enhancements. Hope that helps.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski