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Random assignement of collector to BPs within collection group

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Dear FSCM pros,

At the moment all collectors in my team are assigned to certain BPs, however I don't want to keep such setting anymore as I'm changing collection strategy.

I'd like to organize it the way that collectors are assigned to collection group in FSCM and the worklist for this group is randomly split between collectors (which means that same BP may be on the list of various collectors on different days).

My idea was to remove assignment to BP via UDM_BP_SPEC and leave only assignment to group (via UDM_GROUP) but after such change the worklist for the collection group is generated but items are not assigned to anybody, I can only see the worklist in supervisor role by filtering particular collection group.

Is there some way of achieving my planned organization of collectors?



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Answers (1)

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Dear Jarek.

You have to check 'Distribute Items' and select Distribution Method 'Even Distribution to Collection Specialists' in UDM_GENWL when you generate worklist.