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Queue error for CIF article master data transfer

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I faced strange error in #EWM after trying to transfer Article Master Data by #CIF. Site and Customer are transferred correctly but when added an Article to the IM and activate it, process ended with the following message in EWM inbound queue


In the integration model there is only one article and one site - 1001. All landscape settings in customization seems to be fine. What else could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @s0m30n3 Could you please check if Supply chain units are maintained in /n/scmb/scumain



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here the same you see that you have some plant as loctype 1002 (DC) some are as 1001 (plant)

If you change the assignment in ECC /S4 but not in SCM then you can not find that location.
check /SAPAPO/LOCMAP table there you will find the BSG, LOGSYS, the LOCTYPE and the NAME.


In this example you see here that we have:

EXT_LOCNO is the plant name in ECC
LOGQS is the BSG (business system group) from /SAPAPO/C1
LOCNO is the location name in SCM APO (here after adjusting it in the inbound BADI adding PL+ZMS1+@Q32002 )
LOGSYS is Q63CLNT002 (source system logsys name)

EXT_LOCNO,LOCTYPE and LOGQS are the key fields that is use to read and if they do not match with the data that you use for transaction data or and other master data then you get the message location xyz not found , even if the EXT_LOCNO is there but some other keyfields are different.