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Queries on DDMRP algorithm

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Hi Team -

I have some basic queries on the decouple point algorithm for which the results are not coming as expected. Please clarify -

  1. I observed that there is no DECOUPLE POINT determined for some product's supply chain, I believe the system should be in a position to determine a DECOUPLE POINT for any supply chain! What can prevent the algorithm from not determining a DECOUPLE POINT especially when my customer tolerance time is > transportation lead time?
  2. And doesn't it have to be that by any means if the system is not able to determine a DECOUPLE point, it is as good as each node is a decoupling point for that product where the buffer levels have to be generated at each node - at least the red zone for sure?
  3. While my ADU is around 9k, my MOQ is just 2 or 3 for some products! I can't find any documentation on the calculation of MOQ, but this doesn't seem to be right! Can someone help understand the MOQ calculation?
  4. I have a manually maintained DECOUPLE POINT using user input, and there is only one source for this decouple point. I expect the transportation lead time from this source to the DECOUPLE POINT as the decoupled lead time, but it is not the case and it is showing a different lead-time - how is this possible?

Thanks for all the feedback/input/clarifications,

Regards, Guru

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