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PSHU not validated against material in Warehouse Task Confirmation (Cartonization Planning)

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Hi All,

I am having issue where planned Shipping HU created against warehouse order creation based on template from /SCWM/CAP, i am trying to confirm WT using different Pick HU from PSHU but it is not validated.

here is the simulation i am running:

I have 2 PSHU mixed and homogeneous:

I have on warehouse order based on those PSHU (creation PSHU on warehouse order creation)

when i try to confirm, it does not validate destination HU based on PSHU, i can fill in different Pick-HU or Pick-HU that does not match with cartonization planning from /SCWM/CAP

is this the standard behaviour that cartonization only propose PSHU but not validate the assignment of destination handling unit to correct Pick-HU based on PSHU planning?



Best Regards,

Donny Noya.

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