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product allocation procedure

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having just started with invoking GATP  to address  requirement spikes- i   F1  ed   this field  cross location :  " allocation procedure " from MAT1  to find out what it means- it says.


You enter the product allocation procedure in the product master record in APO or in a sequence of product allocation procedures.


a person with 10 years experience can make out what product allocation procedure and can proceed with it with ease.  

Is there any easy to understand notes,documents ,books for a common man,layman to guide himself.that way can you help me out with notes for each and every field in -product master,ppds optimizer profile ,snp hiuristic profile ,snp optimizer profile --as of now by adjusting and readjusting the field parameters of the above functions  i have just started getting atleast some kind of descent results ..if i have through understanding indepth of every field then my results would be still polished.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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You and I have already discussed the ways in which a new user could learn about basic topics.  You rejected my suggestions, and I can respect that, so I will not offer them again.

I am not aware of any publication that contains all the data that you seek.  Perhaps some of the other experts has a suggestion.

Having such knowledge is a worthy goal.  My opinion, though, is that such a quest is mostly unnecessary.  I worked in SAP ECC PP and MM for many years, and then moved to SAP SCM for another 7 years.  I don't have in-depth understanding of every field in the product master.  The only ones I understand well are the ones that I have had to learn about in order to create a solution or fix a problem.  I seriously doubt there are many consultants who can describe, in detail and in layman's terms, every field in the product master. For most consultants, there is limited benefit in learning data unless there is some expectation that the knowledge will be useful.  There are only 24 hours in the day, most of us have other stuff we have to do other than learning.

With respect to Product Allocation Procedure, this field is similar in functionality to MARA-KOSCH in ECC (MM03 > Basic data 1).  Since you are already expert in ECC PP, you can apply your PP knowledge to SCM.  If you are new to Product Allocation Procedure in general, APO online help contains a layman's overview of this topic.

Product Allocations Procedure - Product Allocation - SAP Library

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I should only agree with you.if i have this desire to master everything then life is not long enough,it goes on and on.From today I wish to drastically change my attitude towards SAP,  to gather task specific knowledge or issue specific knowledge only and keep moving.Too much of anything is good for nothing.thanks you have enlightened my spirits

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