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Processing 944 IDOCs with multiple error lines

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We're in the stretch run of a greenfield S4 implementation, moving from Infor M3. We've run into a snag with inbound 944 IDOCs in that if there's a line with an error, the intake will fail immediately without reviewing the rest of the lines. Our implementer has told us that this is standard SAP behavior and there's no way to change it. 

What we would prefer, and what M3 does, is to continue analyzing the file so we can capture all errors in the first pass. As our S4 environment is currently configured, if an IDOC has multiple errors the only way we would know is to have it fail on the first error, fix and resubmit it, have it fail on the second error, fix and resubmit it, etc. It's hard to imagine there's no way around this behavior given the scale of some of the companies that work with SAP. Can anyone confirm if this is truly a system limitation? If you've found a way around this, can you offer us some insight? Thanks!

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What kind of IDoc / ALE message is that?
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If you are referring to IDoc WMMBXY for inbound goods movement posting it does in fact attempt to process all lines for goods movement in one LUW. However, it does not give a list of errors because the function is interrupted on the first error as is standard behavior in SAP (and should be). It is up to the sender to provide proper data that can be translated accordingly and posted to the system accurately.

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