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Process code to post inventory count for idoc MATERIALPHYSINV_COUNT.

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Dear Experts

I searched SAP community for idoc type MATERIALPHYSINV_COUNT. It can be used to post inventory count to PI document. But I am not sure how to use this, I didn't found any process code with this iodc type. Can someone help what could be WE20. Settings for message MATERIALPHYSINV_COUNT.

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Hello princejindal

ALE message type MATERIALPHYSINV_COUNT is generated with BAPI-ALE interface:

Therefore it accepts the same data as the BAPI and uses the BAPI to post the data. Check the documentation of the BAPI_MATPHYSINV_COUNT to see how to use it.

Also, as MATERIALPHYSINV_COUNT is BAPI-ALE interface based, you need to use BAPI process code in WE20. The process code works with all BAPI-ALE interface generated IDocs / message types.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski