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Preferred UoM not updating in Alt UoM field in Warehouse monitor

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Material Base UoM was incorrectly created as EA instead of FT. Lot of existing batches and open documents around this material. Hence maintained FT as alt UoM in Material master and updated preferred UoM in WM execution view in MM as well as in Product master. Still in warehouse monitor under Stock and Bin->Physical stock or Available stock if I include the Alt UoM in screen layout I am seeing EA instead of FT. How to fix this?

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Answers (2)

Hi reshma_13,

There is a node in the warehouse monitor where you can see "all stock not in preffered UOM".

Maybe you can correct it this way?



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Hi reshma_13

Seems quant issue, i guess got the wrong stock during initial stock upload.

My approach would be below:-

Is FT maintained as stock keeping UOM ?

Please read the pictorial guide - see customization part

More details:-

Is the above data in production ? if yes, please correct those with the help of SAP (Raise OSS). Once data is corrected, do the customisation....etc so that you always have AUOM.

Note:- Beware initial stock upload if you do, always check AUOM there.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Kind regards,