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Prduction Integration: No storage requirements available for material requirements

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I have a problem once again with the material supply of the production. I have received this message. But I can't find any stock requirements for it. There are no storage requirements for it.

I had understood from the SAP documentation that the TA: /SCWM/STAGE generates Warehouse tasks.

The error message in English:

"The selection contains MES-relevant PMA items. Create tasks from the LANF.

Message no. /SCWM/PWR512


The selection contains at least one MES-relevant PMA item. However, there is a warehouse request document for staging. Stock tasks for staging must be created from the stock requisition document."

Can you give me some advice on this please?. I have not found any reference to this in the previous questions/answers
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have you tried /SCWM/MES_STAGE ? MES has an option to trigger staging, maybe it is some kind of new check to separate these processes, I do not have last S/4 version at the moment to check.

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are you in S4 HANA 2021?

How does your /SCWM/PSASTAGE look like? Have you created MES relevant /SCWM/PSASTAGE?

SAP has delivered new transaction /SCWM/MES_STAGE to work with MES staging in S4 HANA 2021.

If your setup in /SCWM/PSASTAGE has check for MES staging then use above mentioned new transaction.

Regards- ASLAM