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PPDS - Item Category determination of PR/PO in ECC for APO created PR/PO

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Hi All:

How does the ECC determines the Item Category (Standard, Subcontracting, Stock Transfer, etc) for PR/PO that are created in APO based on the info in the Transportation lane?

Literature says that ECC will use the Procurement Form in the Transportation lane of the material-locations to determine the item category and there are only three Procurement forms in the TL in APO (Standard, Subcontracting and Consignment).

Question is, if the Procurement Form is Standard and if the PR or PO is for stock transport (item category U), what other info from APO will ECC use to determine the correct Item category in ECC, which it does?

Pl. help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Item category U will be taken automaticaly if you have maintained Transportation lane between the plants.

It will take blank item category if Tlane is between vendor and plant (through CIF of purchase info record from ECC)

Information of diffrence between different location type will be used for same.

Hope this helps. If there is problem determining correct item category check whether combination of allowed item categories to purchase requisition document types is maintained correctly.

Let me know if this helps.



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