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PP/DS Heuristics (Automatic Sequencing of production orders in graphical planning board)

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I would like to start saying thank you to the community for all the knowledge and help that is given through this forum.

In the company I work, we use the semi-automatic planning (Heuristics) which creates planned production orders based on the demand & lot size of a finished good. Those productions are placed exactly when they are needed in the timeline to meet the demand.

The thing is that, in graphical planning board (APO/CDPS0) I find it very inefficient to keep sequencing the orders manually one after the other considering the format/size. Is there a way to establish a certain pre-defined sequence for the orders so I have to only select the bunch of orders and the backward scheduling button, and they will be automatically sequenced?

I know about the block planning, but this groups the orders only at MRP level, I still have to place one order after the other based on size/format, and this, if we are planning the long term, is very inefficient, but has to be done, specially when you have big change-over times between orders.

All help is appreciated,

Thank you

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