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PP/DS Combined order for semi-finished products

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In the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board (tx /n/sapapo/cdps0), when I use the heuristic "Enhanced Backward Scheduling" the system identifies the relation between the production order of the Semifinished and Finished Product and schedules the order of the Semifinished Product before the Finished Product.

The problem I have is when I use combined orders for the Semifinished Products, because when I use the same heuristic the system doesn't schedule the combined order before the order of Finished Product. This is a problem because the combined order contains the Semifinished Products so it doesn't have sense that this combined order place after the Finished Product.

I found in the Product View (tx /n/sapapo/rrp3) a column called "Not Pegging-Relevant" and the regular production order doesn't have the check marked but the combined order has marked the check. I want to know if exists a way to put the combined order as "Pegging-Relevant" or something that allow me schedule the combined order (Semifinished Products) before the Finished Product in a automatic way.

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