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PORDCR1 Outbound Process code.

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In the process of Integration with SNC . we implemented ORDERS.ORDER05 to create Purchase order in SNC.  But this is not carrying the invoice fields eg:ERS indicator to PO in SNC. So we are not able to Post ERS invoice to SNC.

we are tyring to implement PORDCR1.PORDCR102, so that all the invoice fields are carried to PO in SNC. Since there is no outbound process code is defined in ECC, we are not able to trigger Outbound PORDCR1 message type.

Any help is appreciated on how to trigger PORDCR1 Idoc.

Also, will be glad to know, why PORDCR1 is designed diferently compare to regular Idoc process.

Thank you .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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PORDCR1 is a special Idoc which is sent through Distribution Model.

Refer the below link for setting that needs to be mainatined in ECC to trigger this Idoc:

We need not maintain any Message Control in Outbound Partner Profile to trigger both the New / Change PO idocs when we are using PORDCR1. Its taken care by the Special Function / Program settings in NACE described in the above link.



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Thank you Bharath, for the link. I have a question from the link.

looks like there is some information missing. The below is from link.

SPRO-SAP NetWeaver -Application Server - IDoc Interface/Application Link Enabling (ALE) - Modelling and Implementing Business Processes- Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views.

-Choose Change - Create Model View.

-nter Publish PO BAPI IDoc to SNC in the Short text field.

Enter ICH in the Technical name field.

Select your model view and choose Add BAPI.

  Enter Logical system of SNC in the Obj. name/interface field.  <------

Save your entries.

" My question , how can can you save without providing a Method" we must add this information , Can I know what is it?

Choose Edit -Model view -Distribute.

This will distributes the model view to the logical system of SAP SNC.

in we20 create outbound parameters for PORDCR1.PORDCR102 in tab outbound options.

message type PORDCR1

basic type : PORDCR102

This means we just  add Partner profile but no message control required.- Please confirm.

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Please find below the required info:

1. While adding BAPI, use the following info:

Sender/Client : ECC Logical System

Receiver/Server: SNC Logical System

Obj. name / Interface : PurchaseOrder

Method : CreateFromData1

2. Partner Profile Settings:

You need to create a Partner Profile at the SNC Logical System level and add the PORDCR1.PORDCR102 in the Outbound paramter.

You dont require Message Control settings.



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Thank you Bharath. It worked for me.

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