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Planned Order conversion to Process Order not sending Deletion CIF

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Hi guys,

By requirement I created an interface that creates and converts planned orders like MD04 using /SAPAPO/CIF_IP_OUTBOUND. Standard process in MD04 when a Planned Order is converted and saved 2 entries appear in SMQ2 sending the conversion and the deletion of the planned order to the other system, when sending the payload via interface or even FM we see the same 2 entries in SMQ2 but only sending the conversion

MD04 process:

I've compared the tables in SMQ2 but they are the same with the different fields being GUID and the calling program (RSM13000 for MD04 and SAPMSSY4 for the interface/FM).
Does anyone know where the Deletion is triggered in this? or if there is a field that needs to be populated for the deletion to be sent?

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Hi asahagun

i have Not understand whether you are sending data or receiving data as standard functionalitywhen ever a planned order converted production order( full quantity) it will get deleted automatically , it will not be available in ERP system, only we can find the number in Production order Assignment Tab .It will be available only incase some of the Quantity is open , you can put a logic based on converted quantity of planned order, if the converted quantity = Planned order Quantity = delet.Thanks & Regards,Mahesh kumar.