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Pick warehouse task after consumption of Production order

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Hi All,

We are working on the single order staging

Production order created -Release COO01 and COO2

PMR created-/SCWM/PMR

Staging done-/SCWM/STAGE-Picking warehouse task created

Consumption done

Once consumption done system is creating one picking warehouse task

I am unable to understand why its creating

Could you please help me

Consumption is happening in MES system.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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below may be the reason for creation of picking tasks, please check

  1. Replenishment: If the production order has consumed materials from the warehouse, the stock levels need to be replenished. Warehouse personnel will need to pick the required materials from the storage area and restock them in the appropriate bins or locations.

  2. Quality Control: Depending on the nature of the production order, there may be a need for quality control checks on the finished goods or components. Warehouse staff may need to perform inspections or tests to ensure the products meet the required quality standards.

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Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for reply there was some issue from MES side when ever they were consuming as you said replinish was trigger.

they have raised the issue with SAP.



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