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Pick storage type determination

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Hi buddies,

I have a requirement for the storage type determination.

There exists two storage types in the warehouse. One storage type is used to store products in pallet and another storage type is used to store product in carton. For example one pallet can store 100 EA products and one carton can store 50 EA products.

I have two warehouse requests and each will pick 50 EA. So totally it will pick 100 EA. When determining the pick storage type, the customer wants firstly to aggregate the quantity and check if it is over 100 EA. If it is over 100 EA, then system shall determine the storage type where pallets are stored. If it is less than 100 EA, system shall determine the storage type where carton is stored.

Can EWM support this kind of requirement? or is there some BAdI we can use to influence the storage type determination.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need EWM 9.4 or use 2-step picking process.

BR, Alex.

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Answers (1)

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I guess this functionality available in EWM 9.4 which is called as combined picking. You can read documentation in the release notes.

However, in standard when you have two WT then system will try to pick in the sequence

1. Pick 50 EA for first WT

2. Pick 50 EA for second WT

If you use 3 level packspec or alternate unit of measure with correct storage removal search sequence then system can check the Pallet storage type first if the quantity exceed your carton quantity and more than your pallet quantity. For remaining quantity system will check for carton storage type. If you have piece picking then I recommend to have one more storage types for pieces or partial picking.