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Partial HU packing with fiori APP


Hi All,

I am trying to move partial qty into another HU from outbound delivery order . The drag and drop functionality is working in the GUI. But when I tried the same in Fiori app its not working I am able to repack the product but I want drag and drop functionality like what we are doing in GUI.

Below is information I got from SAP blog

"Packing Using Drag and Drop"

In the area on the left, you can pack, unpack, or repack products or HUs by dragging and dropping them into the HU, storage bin, or separate HU respectively.

To repack just a partial quantity of a product, carry out the following:

  1. Double-click a higher-level node (HU or storage bin) in the area on the left.

  2. Choose the Content tab page in the area on the lower right. All the product items of the HU or storage bin are now visible.

  3. Enter the quantity that you want to repack in the Partial Quantity field and choose Enter.

  4. Drag the item from the area on the right into the target HU or target storage bin in which you want to repack these partial quantities. To do this, click any cell in this row that is not ready for input. Then drag and drop this cell in the target area.

Please let me know if this is standard functionality or any configuration is required.


Chand Basha.S

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Usually in Fiori you have to select the line first and then do the drag and drop.


Yes, in this partial case the drag and drop functionality is not working similar to GUI.

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Hi Balint,

The full qty we can select the line and move, we need to partial qty could you please let me know how to do that in drag and drop.


Chand Basha.S