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Pack Outbound Deliveries Fiori App Extension


I have been tasked with enhancing the Pack Outbound Delivery (EWM) application in 2 ways:

(1) Addition of custom columns to both tables (Left and Right)

(2) Support of non-standard exception codes in the Left view

Initially, and without having access to the BTP environment, I analyzed the application and found there to be 2 Controllers which needed enhancement, the Left and Right.

I had performed previous extension projects via Web IDE, and knew it to be possible through this tool.

When I was finally given access to BAS, I realized that I have a message stating that the Views are synchronous and that controller extensions are not supported. Secondly, and via the adaptation project in BAS, I do not have access to the actual Controller which I need to extend, only to the Main controller.

What would the recommendation be for this situation? Is this simply not extendable in this way?

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