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Outbound Delivery Monitor - Raising a popup based on ECC PGI failure

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Hi ,

I'm new to EWM and we've a requirement about raising Popup in the Outbound Delivery Monitor (/SCWM/PRDO) . I would like to know even this requirement is feasible or what are the cons on pursuing this requirement?


Once the PGI (Button) clicked on the Monitor for a Delivery in EWM , if the PGI on the ECC fails for any reason, we should read the SMQ2 entries for that and show a popup in the Outbound Delivery Monitor.

Doubt: Even if it is possible to show the Popup message, don't we need hold the session and in the warehouse many people are doing the PGI, then don't this hamper the system performance or consume more resources?

Thanks in Advance,


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Active Contributor

Hello adibathineni

I think that technically your requirement is implementable - you could remotely check from EWM inbound qRFC queues in ERP and display a popup should GI fails in ERP. However that is definitely not the way to go, for the following reasons:

qRFC processing is inherently an asynchronous process. GI can fail for instance due to lack of resources on ERP side or transient locking conflict. These kind of errors are temporary and GI will be processed with next qRFC attempt. If you check a qRFC queues in ERP immediately after GIs posting in EWM you will get false positives.

GI are posted in EWM by end-users, whereas qRFC monitoring is a job of more technically savvy key-users or IT support. Even if you present an end-user with a popup indicating GI posting problem in ERP, there is very little they can do about that. So the popup will be yet another annoying message to end-users without much value-added.

SAP EWM already provides very similar functionality in EWM monitor, /SCWM/MON transaction. You can monitor the state of qRFC queues in ERP directly from EWM monitor, you can trigger reprocessing of the queues, you can even edit data in the queues. See the notes:

To summarize, you should rather use qRFC monitoring capabilities of EWM monitor, instead of developing custom enhancements.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

Active Contributor
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Hi, it is better to suggest to monitor such cases in the /scwm/mon, there one can see queues which are not yet processed and even error message is available.

But technically it is possible, do + wait does not require a lot of resources, but for the user it would look like a long running process additionally it could be some delays because of system high load, and whole process (even without any error) could take up to several minutes (sure usually it is lass than 10 seconds, but could be as well slower), in such case user would wait 'x' seconds and at the end he get the popup or (depends on your implementation) he can continue his work without status check.

And it could be some temporal issues on ERP side. e.g. product is locked, in such case delivery could be posted during next run without users help.

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Thank you Dominik Tylczynski and Daniil Mazurkevich.

As you both are suggested, i'll explain and request to utilize the standard SAP functionality.

I'm trying to understand technically more on this topic - when we click on the PGI button, in the Outbound Delivery Monitor Transaction (/SCWM/PRDO) in EWM,

1. The EWM PGI will take place , upon completion of the EWM PGI , the Queue(TRFC) will trigger to ECC as asynchronous process ? is my understanding is correct?

Does it trigger from this method -

2. Can you please guide me where exactly i can check the queue generation or if there is any BADI in the process of queue generation to monitor?

I want to know how this entire mechanism works.

Really appreciate both of you for the guidance.